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About Burrito Bytes

Technology. It all started when I was a kid, playing games and watching my dad work on his computer. My dad’s love for technology brushed off on me, so much so that I ended up doing a Bachelors in computer science.

I remember getting my first gameboy as a kid. Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, I remember playing them all. Then we got a family computer and it was the coolest thing ever. I was hooked.

In the early 2000’s my dad’s job moved us to Oregon on the west coast of the US. One Christmas I got my own computer. I spent countless hours surfing the web, using AOL and MSN instant messenger to speak to friends from school and playing random flash games online. This is what I liked doing for fun. I was already submerged in the world of technology and I loved it.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was back in Ireland and the world of mobile phones was beginning to take off. My first phone was a tiny Nokia 3100. A phone with a beautiful 1.5 inch screen, four-way navigation and the ability to have polyphonic & monophonic ringtones. Again looking back it was the coolest thing ever. Over the next 6 to 7 years, my love for technology kept growing. Various different phones, laptops, social media platforms and games consoles were constantly being released. I always tried to get my hands on new tech, whether it was by going to a friends house or by going into random shops and playing with the products that were on display.

Come 2011 I had finished school and I had to decide where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to do. I put down 6 different colleges all with a Computer Science course. Since then I have graduated college, worked in IBM as an engineer and I am currently taking on the tech world in NYC.

Technology has been a gateway to so many things for me. From helping out my family at home to fixing my computer when it decides to shit the bed. Having a general understanding of tech will make your everyday life a little bit easier, not to mention you can avoid listening to the annoying sales person trying to make a quick buck (I know it’s their job, so it’s nothing personal).

This blog is a space where I share my opinions about new and existing technology, while enjoying the odd burrito. Whether you are a techy like myself or would just like to know a bit more, I hope this blog can be of some help.