(Photo Credit: Google)

Project Ara is something we have been hearing about for a long time now. Google’s Advanced Technology and Products division or ATAP are building a modular phone that will let you swap out different hardware modules for others. There have been many rumours in the past about this phone but nothing concrete. A few days ago Google finally teased us with a promo video and its safe to say that they have gotten our attention if they hadn’t already.

(Photo Credit: Google)
(Photo Credit: Google)

LG may have beaten Google to the punch with their new modular LG G5. However, Google’s vision for this phone is incredible. Simply speaking this phone is future proof. As technology advances and hardware becomes faster and more powerful, you will be able to upgrade specific modules for your phone allowing you to constantly have the latest and greatest without having to splash out the cash for a brand new phone every year.

We’ve integrated the phone technology in the frame that frees up space for modules that will create and integrate new functionality that you cannot get on your smartphone today – Google ATAP Lead Engineer Rafa Camargo.

A developer edition of the phone is due to be released Autumn of this year in order to beta test the product. A more perfected consumer model will be released in Spring 2017.

If Project Ara is done right, this will be a major stepping stone in the future of all smartphones. Google is thinking outside of the box and Apple need to watch out as this will be a major competitor.


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